Our Company in Brief

About Us

Founded in 2012, Advancefusion is an operational performance improvement consultancy, headquartered in Coimbra & Lisbon, with regional partners in Europe, Asia, Brazil, Turkey and Africa. 

Our broad perspective across a wide range of industries and countries ensures that we understand the needs of business. Companies around the world are continually looking for ways to improve operational and financial performance. We define and implement operational change programs to improve financial and operational results, helping clients to achieve sustainable improvements within existing structures and without major capital investments or changes in strategic direction. 

We are not theorists. We define and implement pragmatic and realistic recommendations for performance improvement with clearly measurable results. 

Our multi-national team is fluent in languages, have skills and intellectual capacity to evaluate businesses and implement actions. All our senior team has business experience gained outside the consultancy field.  Each business developed by our company has close ties with clients’ culture and country.

Today, we can offer a full pack of business plan solutions for businesses and always according to our client’s needs. Recently we won a couple of projects where clients required a business plan for existing company or department. This service is a step by step approach and always need several actions prior the studies and plans.

Founder's Message

We founded Advancefusion with a vision of offering investors and clients the same forward-looking strategies that made the organizations reach long-term success. Our vision is to make a real and significant difference to our clients’ performance, which is not only sustainable through our client’s people, but is also value for money.  

Our exclusive interaction system, promotes one-to-one relationship that produces a close and long-term cooperation. In this way, we develop a degree of partnership that goes beyond typical consultancy processes and leads to benefits for the business.

Nowadays diversifying the business portfolio or investments mean long term success and risk mitigation. The platform Portugal, Spain and Morocco are the right gateways for Europe and Africa business expansion. 

Our strong presence in Lisbon, Madrid and Casablanca gives an excellent interface between Europe and Africa, including the Portuguese speaking countries and West Africa, where Morocco has a strong influence. 

Thank you for your interest in Advancefusion. We look forward to meeting with you, listening to you, and finding tailor-made ways to achieve your business goals together.

Paulo Vasconcelos